Respect OB

Respect OB sticker

OB is a tribe, a peoples, a family, a village.

We are here of our own free will, as people who love OB.

It is paradise shared with friends.

Sometimes people do things which make us sad:

Steal bikes
Hit and run
Slash tires
Litter on the beach
Abandon dog poop
Graffiti vandalization
Be mean to each other

Join us to explore and share what it means to Respect OB. This is about who, what, where, and how we are, as OBceans.  Our understanding of the fundamental, foundational truth that binds us together:

“Anyone who comes to live in peace and harmony is welcome, but to be accepted you must Respect OB.”

The issue: To discourage crime in our community and to improve the quality life for everyone to enjoy, regardless of status in life.

Plan of progression: To bring our community together to discuss what it means to Respect OB.

Event Agenda: There will be an introduction by the organizers plus 4 speakers, who live and work in OB, that represent different aspects that support solutions to fix our community’s issues and help you understand the role that you choose to participate in.

What Respect OB wants to protect: Our diverse way of life, our well being, and our freedoms as productive members in our society.

If we don’t talk about who we are, then who knows what we will be.

As the peoples of OB have always done, come together and build a community consensus.  This cannot happen without you — so join us!

Where:     Green grass south of OB lifeguard tower
When:        Tuesday, April 24th, 6:pm
Why:        Because now is the time. Respect OB!

4 thoughts on “Respect OB

  1. i saw the flyer on my door last night when i came home- we almost tossed it because we thought it was junk mail! good thing i bothered to read it…

    i’m looking forward to seeing what this is going to be. we definitely have some serious (if relatively small in scale) social problems in ob. homelessness, drug abuse, theft, etc…obviously some “quality of life” issues like the dog crap that’s EVERYWHERE!

    anyway, i’m sharing this on my facebook and i’ll be there on the 24th.


  2. This is awesome! I live in Imperial Beach where we too are constantly fighting that negitive stigma attached to our city’s name. I wish you luck and will follow your progress. Maybe even folllow your lead and start a movement of our own to help people understand what it means to have pride in your community and to RESPECT IB

    I <3 IB

    • I Heart IB,
      Thank you for showing your support from Southern San Diego. We will keep this momentum going, because it is imperative to humanity. We wish you luck in getting IB to shine.
      All the Love from Respect OB.

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