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This site is under construction, but will soon be on its way to bringing the information you need, to understand what Respect OB is all about. Hopefully the quote, “Anyone who comes to live in peace and harmony is welcome, but to be accepted you must Respect OB,” gives you the nutshell explanation.

For now, know that we have a first public event

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April 24th, 2012 to explain all of this. We are going to address the issues we are facing and the solutions we’ve come up to help preserve our interesting beach town. Please support us by giving your ear for about an hour.

Where: Green grass south of OB life tower at the end of Newport Ave and Abbot St, in Ocean Beach 92107

When: April 24th, 2012 6-7pm

Why: Because now is the time. Respect OB!

4 thoughts on “things to say to win back your ex

  1. We enjoyed hearing the message and meeting likeminded neighbors at Tuesday’s event. Keep us informed and let us know next time you will be meeting. We have some ideas we’d love to share.

    Greg and Megan

    • Greg and Megan,
      We really appreciate your support and joining up on Tuesday’s event. We will be sure to get the word out of any upcoming events. If you would like to send your ideas sooner rather than later, then email and we will put your thoughts into consideration.
      Thanks again,
      Respect OB

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